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. . . For The Ultimate Pet Experience

Fish Tanks come in all shapes and sizes, which is quite handy really because so do fish! For many people, fish is the ultimate pet experience, well, depending on your level of interest. I mean, how many parents have begrudgingly brought home their children proudly clutching a gold-fish in a bag from the fun fair (I mean begrudgingly brought the gold-fish, not their children), and then had the unenviable task of trying to find a make-shift fish tank until they have the chance to visit the pet store. Surely any old glass bowl will work perfectly well as a temporary fish tank for “Goldie” . . . beware!

Temporary Fish Tank Horror Story – Aaaagh

I am speaking from experience here . . . after finding myself in just that very situation, we rather unwittingly put a little too much water in the glass mixing bowl “fish-tank” which was to become Cuddles temporary home. Carefully positioned on the kitchen work surface we left him to familiarize himself with his new surroundings. A short time later I nipped back into the kitchen to fetch a drink and felt something rather squishy on the bottom of my fluffy slipper . . . Cuddles. He had obviously seen “Free Willy” and made a heroic jump for freedom, only to be promptly squashed. It’s a very sad tale indeed, my son was mortified and said that he’d been bonding with Cuddles for the whole journey home. If any of the “gold-fish police” want further details I can only say that I am truly sorry and it was not my fault, it was just because we didn’t have the correct fish tank for the poor little fella. Let that be a lesson for us all . . .

Specialist Fish Tanks

Okay, let’s go a little more up-market here and speak a little about just how fantastic fish tanks really can be, a fish tank full of colorful fish can be rather therapeutic and make much more interesting watching than the television. Some people like to fill their fish tanks with plants, colorful stones, treasure chests and plastic divers . . . where’s the fish? Others choose a wonderful mixture of exotic tropical fish with neon colors and long fluffy tails, sucker fish to clean the sides of the fish tank (very handy) and other beguiling creatures from the black lagoon.

How scary is that? Poor Nemo, he’s just a boy, there must be another wayyyyyyy!


Choosing Fish For Your Fish Tank

Another word of warning . . . in fact, choosing the inhabitants of your fish tank needs very careful consideration indeed. Some experts and enthusiasts choose fish which need very specific fish tank habitats, salt-water, tropical temperatures etc, others just need to make sure that all of their fish can get along okay! There’s nowhere to hide if you have a bully in your fish tank. The tale of the pink frog . . . or “Pinky” as he was affectionately named, until he grew and he grew and he grew. At first he was rather cute, about the size of your little finger nail and a pretty pink color, what a lovely addition he would make to our collection of gold fish (some of them were posh ones with long flowing tails and beautiful colors, not just gold fish like Cuddles who came to a rather sticky ending earlier in the page). Anyway, as Pinky grew so did his appetite, he became the real fish tank bully . . . he ate Blackys eyes (he was one of those Black Mores with bulging eyes) and left him blind, but the final straw came when I went to feed the fish in our fish tank and noticed a bronze colored tail sticking out of Pinky’s mouth . . . he’d eaten Copper!  That was it, we had a murderer in our fish tank and he had to be removed. Do you know, I’ve gone all pimply just thinking about it . . .

Happy fishes . . . that’s what we all want isn’t it?

Caring For Your Fish Tank

Enough of my horror stories . . . if you’re still of half a mind to get your own fish tank . . . and I can’t stress how fantastic they really are, then you need to take the following into consideration.  Stuff you’ll need:

      • Fish Tank – think about where you’re going to place the tank. Is it going to be in its own free standing cabinet, or do you want something smaller to sit on top of somewhere. How about one of those really flash ones which hang on the wall like a picture . . . they’re great.
      • Fish – there are some terrific gold fish which look really pretty and are easy to look after. Alternatively you can fill your fish tank with a collection of exotic tropical fish, but do remember to read up about it first.
      • Fish Tank Bottom – will need some sort of gravel or stones.
      • Fish Tank Plants – you can get real ones or plastic. The plastic ones look good but the real ones can actually help to keep the water oxygenated and healthy.
      • Fish Tank Pump – you’ll be surprised at how quickly the water will go green and smelly (and the sides of the fish tank) if you don’t have a pump to keep the water oxygenated and healthy.
      • Fish Tank Filter – is generally part of the fish tank pump, this will need to be cleaned out regularly so that your fish tank is always sparkly and clear. No good having beautiful fish if you can’t see them through the green slime is there?
      • Fish Tank Cleaning Equipment – you will need to clean out your fish tank regularly so that your fish remain healthy and you can see them clearly.

How brilliant is she? It’s like she’s auditioning for a movie role . . . fantastic. I love smiley people!

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